L3F (Single)
Collective IV

idft – L3F

Label: Noctivagant


KH (Single)
The Great Architect

Gnostic tradition boils down to the notion of a God creator as a malicious being, an evil Demiurge responsible for the creation of existence. It follows that all material existence is evil, and this accounts for the anticosmism in Gnosticism. According to a number of Gnostic traditions, and later in Manichean theology, an extra-worldly supreme deity existed above the inferior creator God. Much like Plato’s Demiurge in the Timaeus, the creator did not create matter ex nihilo, out of nothing, because matter was already present. The Demiurge merely re-formed it to his purposes, and imprisoned souls from the higher planes of reality in the corporeal forms of human beings.

idft – KH

Label: Eighth Tower Records


R (EP)

Enchanting sounds carry the audience into the revelatory act of observing the world, where affliction of time and destruction of matter are seen as vital to being alive. We reveal the beauty of the grotesque and rejoice the pain inherent in life in order to oppose the discourse on normalcy.

1. EM
2. DT
3. R
4. 2ml

Label: Petroglyph Music